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Step 1: Investigation
  • Equipment list: name, amount, ...
  • Attached technical documents: profiles and records of uses of the equipments, ...
  • Current condition of the equipments.
  • Location (equipments, devices, labour, ...).
  • Infrastruture.
  • Owner's requirements.
  • Production schedule.

Step 2: Setting up programs - General maintenance plan: fit with customer's production schedule and work characteristics.
  • Planned maintenance card:  based on the manufacturer's documents and maintenance standards.
  • Decide methods and frequency.
  • Approval / Ispection note.

Step 3: Applying programs
  • Training  for employees.
  • Preparing equipments and materials.
  • Assembling equipments, holding devices.
  • Carrying out programs as planned.

Step 4: Application progress
  • Dynamic equipment, used in production of factories and buildings (HVAC system, air compressor, electric generator, low voltage power distribution system, Fire alarm system/ Fire prevention and fire fighting system, Water supply and waste water treatment system), CCTV, lift, escalator, light system: Immediate services
  • Specific production equipment: need a procedure from 6 - 12 months.

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