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Cập nhật: 26/12/2014
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      Africa has become more popular and closer to Vietnam for a long time. During the colonial period, we united to revolutionize and liberate the people. In this globalization period, once again, we have cooperated and helped each other to develop our countries and escape poverty.   According to Ministry of Foreign Affair, the relationship and corporation is developing quickly in recent years,
       Following this trend, at the end of year 2012, the leaders of Toan An Khanh Commercial and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company have met and signed commercial contracts with many companies from Africa, especially Congo and Cameroon, in stainless steel medical equipments and furniture areas.
     In this cooperation plan, African companies have been also looking for Vietnamese partners that have demand in importing cashew nuts, bull horns and plastic beads… this is a potential opportunities for Vietnamese companies so if you have demands on these products, please contact us.
         Thank you!



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